Fitness Figure Model

Are you interested in becoming a fitness figure model? You think you have what it takes to be successful in this field? You need to keep in mind that a fitness model is not the same as a bikini model. Bikini models, for instance, need to have the soft feminine curves that could make them look seductive and sexy, while fitness models need to have a physique that calls to mind sports and intense activities. One of the easiest ways to be a model of fitness is by joining competitions. Read on to know more things about such contests.

Fitness and figure competitions

Usually, fitness competitions consist of the swimsuit and routine round. In the first round, competitors should wear swimsuits and present their physiques in front of the judges and audience. In many competitions, thongs and g-strings are not allowed. The routine round, on the other hand, involves having the contestants perform physical activities such as aerobics, gymnastics, and dance numbers. You have to keep in mind that fitness and figure competitions are not the same thing. There are slight variations between these two. Figure competitions do not usually have the athletic and creative aspects that fitness contests require. A figure competition also has two rounds. The symmetry portion is when competitors present themselves to the judges wearing their one-piece swimsuit and high-heeled shoes. In this segment, the competitors are judged according to the symmetry of their figure and their aesthetic aspects. In the next segment, competitors are judged according to their conditioning, leanness, gracefulness, confidence, and professionalism.

Judging the competitors

The female physique exhibition has a resemblance to female bodybuilding. But instead of muscle size, the emphasis is on the muscle tone. The leanness and clear separations between muscle groups are also factors that fitness events judges consider. For the figure competition, muscular symmetry and tone are the factors that are highly considered.

How to excel in these events

The competition in such contests can be really tight. Because of this, preparation is necessary. You have to make sure that you are physically fit to join the contest. Health and fitness experts can help you plan your diet and work on exercises that could give you the body shape you will need. Another thing you need to develop is your confidence. One of the most important factors is confidence. A healthy and fit body would not be very appealing if you don't have the confidence to flaunt what you've got.

To be a fitness or figure model is an admirable goal. Money and fame may be associated with being a model, but you need to remember that modeling is not all glitz and glam. You really have to work hard to deserve the rewards of having this type of career.